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Between 17-18 June 2017, we attended the third edition of Some Delivery </ strong> , on the river segment between Garibaldi Bridge and The Flying Bridge, in Cluj, presenting the project “ CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre</ strong>”, an outdoor installation and cinema that tests possible cultural uses of public space to initiate participatory place-making processes.

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The relaxation and outdoor cinema area, Capitol Cinema</ strong>, integrates the northern shore of Somes and reinterprets the public space, exploring the links between the movie, nature and the city. The idea is temporary, adaptable and replicable, representing a model that can be repeated at different scales, included in tours, or re-assembled in another Somes area.

We arrived in Cluj on Friday, after a long and relaxing train ride, and we were glad to meet the organizers and participants. 👷🏼♀🙌🏻👩🏻🎨
Sometimes Delivery </ strong> activates the river with a series of concerts, events and interventions, projects that can interact directly with the water.

Volunteers, organizers and participants have begun to transform the public space on the Somes’ banks from the beginning of the week, under the curious eyes of passers-by. Alex Iacob’s </ strong> images, as well as the social updates of the participants and visitors, introduce us into the cheerful and dynamic atmosphere of Someş Delivery 2017 </ strong>.

We met wonderful people, who inspired us through their work and determined us to participate in future editions. During the two days we interacted with the Someș Delivery projects: Tree House, a place to play by Boca Ştefania, Pop Catalin; Nature Desks by Ioana Biris ( NL) & Oana Hodade (RO); The Island Someș Delivery </ strong> by Daria Seuşan, Roxana Ocoş, Oana Pop, Grig Vulpe, Flaviu Petean, Silvia Seuşan, Raluca Vadu, Cosmin Moise, Anda Iosip, Andrei Bobis; Ophelia by Marius Bucea; Capitol – Cinema Garden by Save or Cancel : Cristina Popa, Andrei Racoviţan, Alexandru Iacob; Sleep at Someș by Alina Andrei; Trash Songs by UNIVERSAL PLEASURE FACTORY: Panna Adorians, King Ötvös, kata bodoki-halmen, Dániel Láng, Zenkô Bogdán. MiniREACTOR makes balloons and brings us closer to childhood and Someș.

On Saturday, with the help of the friendly volunteers , organizers and Cinemobil , we installed the outdoor cinema. Weather: moody. We’ve been looking for solutions besides the existing sun umbrellas, and we found out that UK outdoor cinemas, very popular in the summer, postpone the movies only at the start of the projection, waiting for weather changes at any time. Actually, summer rains are fun under a cape or under a pavilion. We installed the screen, a pavilion and the generator, and explored the installations along the river.

Meanwhile, at 16:30 the 💨 and the Capitol pavilion came into conflict. 🙃

Experiența Cristinei Lilienfeld cu Teatrul de vara Capitol / despre Up Stairs 

With the help of Someș Delivery organizers, the event moved into the friendly Cotton Club Cluj. The projection started at 21:10 with Up Stairs by Alina Uşurelu and Irina Marinescu and continued with the video from @ Street Delivery Bucharest 2017; the film Auto-Ceva (2009, Germany / Romania) by Felix Grimm and The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces (1988, United States) by William H. Whyte.

In Cotton Club’s garden, the Groove Salad dj set animated the audience and no one took note of 💧.

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On Sunday we went on an interesting expedition that revealed a bunch of stories about Someș, some of which are published in the Someș Expres newspaper.

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After 🌇, on the northern shore of Somes, in an idyllic natural setting, we watched the short Up Stairs , by Alina Uşurelu and Irina Marinescu; Street Delivery Bucharest | (2017) Cultural hub Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre | (2017) 38 Theaters in Bucharest | (2017); 41 Cinemas in Bucharest (2017); Elisabeta Boulevard – Cinemas Boulevard in Bucharest (2017); Auto-Ceva (2009, Germania / România) by Felix Grimm, The Social Life of Small Urban Spaces (1988, Statele Unite) by William H. Whyte, René (2008, Elveția) by Tobias Nölle and Voyage dans la Lune (1902, Franța) by Georges Méliès.

More photos from Someș Delivery, by Vlad Cupșa, Dana Tole și Antonio Bumb von Jersichmarkt: day 1 | day 2.

♒︎ Someș Delivery 2017. Imaginăm Someșul Viitorului ♒︎

text by Cristina Popa

This installation by Save or Cancel is part of the “ cultural hub CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre “, a multi-annual programme co-funded by AFCN, produced with the support of Someș Delivery.

Partners: ArCubCNDBTeatrul MicCinema MarconiCarol 53, Monumente Uitate / Asociația ARCHÉ
Media partners: Zeppelin, IQads, Smark, Art7Iqool, Assamblage, Citatepedia,,,

AFCN, Save or Cancel, ArCub, CNDB, Teatrul Mic, Cinema Marconi, Carol 53, Monumente Uitate / Arche, Zeppelin, IQads, Smark, Art7, Iqool, Assamblage, Citatepedia,,,

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