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Get involved! Your help is needed

Over the past two years, the campaign has attracted ArCub and AFCN co-financing, worth a total of 69,000 euros, which we are happy to invest in promoting your brand in the future calls for projects, exhibitions, conferences, events, installations, website, promotional articles and materials.
We are pleased to offer benefits and recognition opportunities for the CAPITOL campaign contribution.
Benefits and recognition opportunities can include:

  • activations during events
  • opportunities for employee engagement and volunteering
    recognition within the CAPITOL campaign
  • communication channels, including printed matter, electronic materials and social media
  • personalized tours and presentations made by Save or Cancel
  • inclusion in the donors’ list of the Capitol Campaign, displayed on-site and online

I want to be a partner

… and help the campaign with products & services. Super, we want to meet you!

… but resources are missing. You can help the campaign with a support letter signed by you or the organization you represent.

I want to get involved

You can help the project by contributing with your professional experience to produce articles, historical, urban, social studies.

I want to promote the campaign

Customize your profile and website with the image of the campaign (fb cover image, pic profile, banner, wallpaper).

Help us discover the possible future of the monument, responding to the survey questions.

I want to be a volunteer

Capitol needs you. Send a message to or use the contact form below and tell us what you can do very well or ask us how you can help with current activities.

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