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2018 23-26 August CAPITOL installation @ Amural [A4]

Capitol Fluid Amural

CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre @ Amural [A4] Visual Festival

Amural is waiting for us with Brașov’s doors wide open for the greatest celebration of contemporary visual arts. The Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre Campaign travels and connects with like-minded people and projects that inspire us. The Capitol presence at the fourth edition of the Amural visual festival produces an installation with three distinct actions:

Capitol Exhibition
23rd – 26th of August, Cinema Popular

The Capitol Exhibition displays the actions and products of the CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre reactivation campaign, photos and artworks made by the artists involved and the public, along with archive materials.

Capitol Talks
26th of August, 20:30 – 21:00, Cinema Popular

We are pleased to invite you to Capitol Talks, an informal discussion about the current needs and opportunities of heritage buildings. Anticipating Sunday’s talks, we have prepared a questionnaire on Brașov, free time, heritage, Cinema Popular and Capitol, which we invite you to fill out here:
We set out to discover, through this meeting, models of good practice and distinct experiences, specific to each case. Understanding the benefits of rehabilitation is, in some cases, deficient. Decision-makers – national or local authorities, owners, etc. – without a broad perspective, they are discouraged by the precarious, superficial aspect of the buildings proposed for rehabilitation. Adaptive use, linked to current needs, can address these challenges in a sustainable way. The active integration of the heritage through conversion is treated as an opportunity, not only functional and cultural. The benefits of built-in space, showing all ages, have repercussions in all aspects of public life, but also in the inner workings of a society.
The acute need for spaces dedicated to culture is accentuated by the closure of a large number of cultural spaces, especially cinemas, theatres and art galleries, as a result of the 282/2015 law.

#FLUID live performance  (Paul Dunca & Alex Bălă)
26th of August, 21:00 – 22:00, Popular Stage

We invite you to a musical and performative journey created and played by #FLUID. We will listen to new productions and experience the effervescent energy of the two artists on the Popular stage.
#FLUID is the collaboration between Paul Dunca (performer, choreographer, playwright) and Alex Bălă (musician), the authors of The Stage is Yours, an exploration into the history of Bucharest’s scenic space, focusing in particular on the story of the Capitol Cinema and Summer Theatre, performed in 2016 and 2017, on Constantin Mille Street, in front of the Summer Theatre. The track that gave the performance its name, The Stage is Yours, can be listened exclusively to, right here.

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