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WINNER: Open call for CAPITOL – Photography

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Save or Cancel would like to thank the participants and audience, notably the 43 persons who assisted the selection process.

Congratulations, Adrian Drăghia! The winning photo, titled Save, personifies the Capitol Summer Theatre using the drawing of Pisica Pătrată as the face of the building who wants to be saved.

These are the results recorded until 23rd of December 2017.

  • Save by Adrian Drăghia (86%)
  • lost world by Grit Ruemmler (7%)
  • jungle queen by Grit Ruemmler (5%)
  • submerged under green by Grit Ruemmler (2%)
SAVE © Adrian Drăghia / Open Call Capitol photography

1. Title: Save

Description: The concept of the photograph was to personify the Capitol Theatre using the Pisica Pătrată drawing as the face of the building that wants to be saved, opting for a happy ending. At the same time, the dialogue bubble is also an allusion to the cinemas of the interwar period on Queen Elisabeth Boulevard, with neon-lighted advertisements, creating a dialogue between old and new and the animated face of the character sends us with the thought of the expressiveness of the theater actors and the exaggerated stylistics of the 20s.

Author: Adrian Drăghia
Adrian Drăghia is 27 years old and graduated the University of Fine Arts from the Department of Pedagogy of Fine Arts. Currently, he works as a graphic designer and video and audio editor within a company that deals with TV broadcasting.

lost world

2. Title: lost world

jungle queen

3. Title: jungle queen

submerged under green

4. Title: submerged under green

Description: When I visited Romania in late Summer of 2017 I luckily had the chance to take some pictures at the beautiful Teatrul de vară Capitol in Bucharest. I love exploring abandoned buildings and structures. This one was special somehow. It was a bit like finding a hidden world in the jungle… the jungle of the city.

Autor: Grit Ruemmler

Grit Ruemmler has been shooting since 2000, travelling to discover new places. In 2002, she began collaborating with various online music magazines and in the last two years, she dedicated herself to portrait, architecture, and landscape photography.


Situated downtown Bucharest, the ensemble of historical monuments CAPITOL Cinema (LMI B-II- m-B- 18683) and CAPITOL Summer Theatre (LMI B-II- m-B-19202) occupies the plot of land between 36 Elisabeta Bd. and 13 C-tin Mille St.

In 2017-2018, Save or Cancel proposes a cultural heritage awareness and sensitization campaign, with an application on Capitol Cinema / Theatre Summer, revealing the economic, social and educational potential of all abandoned cultural spaces in Romania, and the involvement of artists and the local community in trans-sectorial, multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects. 4 conferences, 3 art installations, 4 exhibitions and 3 open calls for ideas will reactivate the collective memory, reintegrating the monuments in the public circuit through democratic reinterpretations of the cultural space, exploring the links between art, nature and the city.


  • attracting new audiences for alternative cultural and heritage spaces.
  • audience awareness towards cultural heritage, revealing its potential for the independent cultural sector.
  • promoting contemporary local creations and supporting of young artists.
  • the promotion of creativity as a sustainable alternative to the institutionalized abandonment of heritage.

CAPITOL is a remarkable ruin that has the potential to socially, and economically reactivate the community.
The project proposes the sensitization of artists, cultural promoters and of the
community to identify innovative models of adaptive re-use of heritage, a democratic, sustainable exercise.
The acute need for independent spaces dedicated to culture is accentuated by the closure of a large number of cultural spaces, especially cinemas, theaters and art galleries, as a result of the law 282/2015.


OPEN CALL IV – architecture

conference / workshop

urban signal III – artistic installation
itinerant exhibition – Timișoara

conference / workshop @ ArCub

the itinerant exhibition
booklet launch

The open call is organized by Save or Cancel, via, and is a part of the “hub cultural Cinema / Teatrul de vară CAPITOL” multiannual cultural programme, co-financed by AFCN.

Organizer: Save or Cancel
Partners: AFCN, ArCub, PMB, CNDBTeatrul MicCinema Marconi, RADEFCarol 53, Monumente Uitate / Asociația ARCHÉ
Media partners: ZeppelinIQadsSmark, Iqool, Assamblage, Citatepedia,,,, Art7Arte și meserii

Graphic design: Acme Industries
Photos: various archives, VJ VLC, Alex Iacob
Text: Cristina Popa (random) și Andrei Racovițan (ubic)

About Save or Cancel
Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re) valorisation of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.
cinema/ teatru de vara CAPITOL

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Capitol Cinema / Summer Theatre history and future 1912 – 2020
41 de foste și actuale cinematografe în București
38 de teatre din București
22 de clădiri reabilitate care pun în valoare patrimoniul din România

parteneri hub cultural Cinema / Teatrul de vară Capitol 2017-2018