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Imagine the future of CAPITOL Summer Theatre and design a proposal that transforms this abandoned space into a cultural hub

Save or Cancel is looking to recharge CAPITOL’s future and we know you can do so much more!

CONCEPT: 2020 Cultural Hub CAPITOL Summer Theatre

To the cinema audience, CAPITOL Summer Theatre can offer theatre and variety shows, as well as various cultural events – a newly re-discovered space located in the center of the capital, in an area well known for its cultural and recreational activities, with an interesting potential as a space for exhibiting culture, but also helping to generate it. Space can be invested with a dual purpose.

The first conceptual function has a memorial role – the ability to integrate and display a part of the existing culture and its associated functions, bringing them into the present, materialized. The second role is that of a continuous urban regeneration through the “social construction of the object“, where existing culture artifacts merge with the present, always in a renewed moment.

In this particular case, the CAPITOL Summer Theatre has arrived at the brink of destruction after damage caused by the earthquake in 1977 but also due to forgetfulness. This space emerged from a necessity of a developing city, and was animated until it became out of use, and occasionally after that moment.

In the particular case of historical monuments, the time dimension is a factor of distinct importance and any intervention, such as conversion, must not only emphasize this dimension but also enhance it.

The analysis of the cultural hub phenomenon, as a conversion of the built heritage, shows that architecture exists in the dimension of time and movement, about which Jean Nouvel states, “One conceives and reads a building in terms of sequences.” Thus spatial configuration allows new sets of dynamic relationships between existing spaces and current needs identified with the community.

CAPITOL needs more than just a money shot rendering. It needs a new identity and a role attuned to the users’ needs.

BRIEF: We’re looking for a team or an individual capable of helping to create a vision of a future CAPITOL.

The winning concept will be a design or an architectural system that is expressive, adaptable, and sustainable. Your proposal can be abstract, whimsical, assertive or understated, bold or quirky, emphatic or low-key. Above all, it should speak about the remarkable history and possible future of CAPITOL, as a multidisciplinary cultural hub.

Ground floor: foyer, ticketing booth, toilets, staircases, storage, coffee place and art gallery – 91 sqm
– disability adapted access and facilities.
– the two spaces on the ground floor which have windows and direct access to the street can be thought of as part of the summer theatre or as separate commercial venues such as coffee place and art gallery.
– we suggest you collect most functions in the entry area, such as ticketing booth, toilets, staircases for the projection room and balcony, storage areas for the garden objects during the cold days.

Ground floor: summer garden with a theatre and a movie screen – 285 sqm
– a temporary covering system for rainy days and outdoor heating lamps & tables for spring and autumn
– your scenario should allow the table-seated audience to focus on the performance or movie screening.
– lightning system
– audio-video system for the stage
– custom outdoor furniture to accommodate as many visitors as possible granting a maximum of 70 seated and 20 standing persons
– potted plants to cover the blind walls with an irrigation system

Intermediary floor: projection room – 19 sqm
– audio-video system
– lightning system
– ventilation system

Balcony – 91 sqm
– as the balcony is open-air, you should consider a flexible system to filter sunlight during the summer and a fixed shelter for the stairs.
– a temporary covering system for rainy days and outdoor heating lamps & tables for spring and autumn
– temporary outdoor furniture to accommodate a maximum of 60 seated and 10 standing persons
– lightning system


– 2 prizes, a jury award in a net amount of 1.000 lei and a special audience prize in a net amount of 450 lei;
– a chance to refine your idea, sourcing more insights from our team, on additional meetings;
– promotion of your work.
– – the contest is designed as a case study, asking young professionals about the potential that this space offers and is not meant as final solution or working document [UPDATE]

HOW TO APPLY: Are you ready to help shape the future of CAPITOL?

Download the Open Call entry form & Terms of Contest.
You can participate with a maximum of 1 proposal/individual or team.
Send the required files, as a single archive, to
Use wetransfer, dropbox or gdrive to send files larger than 6mb.
Download the 3D model, an architectural survey, a gallery of selected archive and recent images, and the CAPITOL Summer Theatre presentation. Use it to get inspired and informed.
Ask any question about this call, via e-mail or Teatrul de vară CAPITOL facebook page; be advised, we may publish FAQ, if the answers show useful for more participants.


– a short bio;
– portfolio or a link to your online portfolio;
– entry form
– your proposal should be a one-page pdf, A2, portrait, 150dpi.

JURY: Selection of the winning idea

1/3 public vote online on

1/3 a jury panel be will be announced on 5th of May 2018 [UPDATE]
Raluca Trifa – project coordinator within the Technical Sciences Department, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism
Maria Duda – architect at BAZA.Deschidem orașul and professor at “Spiru Haret” University, Faculty of Architecture
Dorothee Hasnas – architect and editor at Zeppelin architecture magazine
Dan Dinoiu – lector within the Synthesis of Architectural Design Department, “Ion Mincu” University of Architecture and Urbanism

1/3 Save or Cancel, the organizer.
Cristina Popa – social designer
Andrei Racovițan – architect

CALENDAR: stay updated 

23 April – START
14 May – DEADLINE: The final date to send proposals is 14th of May 2018. UPDATED DEADLINE: The final date to send proposals is 21st of May 2018.
15 – 20 May 22 – 29 MayPOLL: A public vote on
21 May 30 MayWINNERS: The winning proposal will be announced on the 21st 30th of May 2018 online, on, & and associated channels.

Learn more about the CAPITOL Cinema / Summer Theatre and the awareness campaign here.

The multi-annual cultural program “cultural hub Cinema / Summer Theatre CAPITOL” is co-funded by AFCN. The program does not necessarily represent the position of the National Cultural Fund Administration. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the program or the way the program results can be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the beneficiary of the funding.

Organizer: Save or Cancel
Partners: CNDBTeatrul MicCinema Marconi, RADEFMonumente Uitate/ Asociația ARCHÉCalup, Mellow Drinks, Plaja de Carte, Someș Delivery, Augmented Space Agency, Universitatea de Arhitectură și Urbanism “Ion Mincu”, Anuala de Arhitectură
Media partners: ZeppelinIQadsSmark, AssamblageDizainărIqool,,  feeder.rothe Institute, designist

Graphic design: Acme Industries, Alexa Frîncu
Text: Cristina Popa (random) și Andrei Racovițan (ubic)
Photos: Ștefan Tuchila, Alex Iacob, Save or Cancel,, archive

About Save or Cancel
Since 2008, Save or Cancel is a medium of communication and propagation of the arts and culture, promoting and facilitating their role in contemporary society.
The self-initiated multidisciplinary programs of Save or Cancel aim to identify sustainable and adaptable opportunities for (re) valorization of the existence through architectural, cultural and editorial projects.

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